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From: "Wendy W. DuVal" <wwduval@shenandoah.k12.va.us>
Subject: [ITRT] Re: BULK: Windows Home Computer Tips
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Date: April 26th 2012

Wendy W. DuVal
Technology Instructor
NETS*T Certified
Ashby-Lee Elementary School
480 Stonewall Lane
Quicksburg, VA  22847

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Here are some good Windows Computer Tips for your home computers to do on
a montly or regular basis:

1. Backup all your files to an external hard drive, DVDs, or pay for an
online backup service.  I pay for Carbonite backup which is $5/month to
back up all my documents, photos, music, movies on my computer
automatically to a website thru the Internet.  Even if I delete a file, I
can easily recover it using the Carbonite software.  Warning, if you have
a lot of files, the first time you run Carbonite, your computer will be
slow and not very useable for the first 3 days or so.

2. Download and run CCleaner which cleans up all the temporary files from
all browsers as well as Windows operating system.  Download from

3. Download and run Malwarebytes and scan for problems.  Fix all problems.
This will remove spyware/malware which is just like a virus from your

4. You must have a free or paid antivirus software on your computer.
Comcast gives Norton to its users (See
Microsoft Security Essentials is a good free antivirus from Microsoft at

Other good free ones include Avast Home Edition, Avira, AVG etc. 

5. To speed up your computer, run defraggler.  The Windows defragging
program isn't the best. Disable screensaver and defrag your computer to
speed it up.  download from http://www.filehippo.com/download_defraggler

Just like your car, computers sometimes need some maintenance,

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