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From: Velaine G Bonebright <vbonebri@henry.k12.va.us>
Subject: [ITRT] Re: SOL Technology Enhanced Items
In-Reply-To: [ITRT] SOL Technology Enhanced Items
Date: March 7th 2012

Hello everyone,

I've created a folder for the Historical Figures noted in the K-5 Social Studies Standards.  Just go to www.portaportal.com and enter vbonebright for the guest username.  You will find the folder titled Historical Figures Resources.

Please feel free to make this available to your Social Studies teachers.  If you or a teacher decide to utilize any of these websites, I would appreciate a short email from you describing how the resources have impacted student learning.  (Yes, I'm gathering documentation for National Board Entry 4.)



Velaine Bonebright
Media Specialist
Drewry Mason Elementary
Henry County Schools

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