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Educational Technology Leadership Institute - Monday December 5, 2011

Concurrent sessions, peer networking, two keynote presentations, a sit-down lunch…all in one day!

Providing leadership in educational technology can be one of the biggest challenges faced by a school administrator.

21st century leaders must have a broad view of technology across the schools they lead. They must consider the big picture that includes not only classroom instruction but also issues related to policy and advocacy.

It is with these issues in mind that the Virginia Society for Technology in Education presents the fourth annual Educational Technology Leadership Institute (ETLI) accompanied by two days of sessions at the Annual Technology in Education Conference, with presentations focusing on Educational Technology Leadership issues.

Concurrent sessions will focus on such topics important to an educational technology leader, covering advocacy, planning, implementation and professional development.  This institute targets timely needs of this specific constituency group while providing a segway into your attendance at the remaining Annual Technology in Education Conference sessions.

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