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I Still Have A Lot to Learn

Posted by [email protected] on 03/25 at 12:02 PM

This year I have been given the distinction of being one of NSBA’s 20 to Watch.  For those of you who are not familia, each year the National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) Technology Leadership Network (TLN) recognizes distinctive education leaders from across the country for their ability to inspire colleagues to incorporate innovative technology solutions that contribute to high-quality learning environments and more efficient school district operations. It is a recognition that I am humbled to receive and after I met some of the other 19, I reflected on something that has always driven me professionally, “I still have a lot to learn.” 

I had the pleasure of meeting most of this group (who I am now proud to call my peers) at the CoSN conference.  I would like to pass along some of the takeaways that I left with after just spending a few hours with these exceptional leaders.  For those who were unable to attend the ceremony, your leadership and innovative thinking provided inspiration to me and I hope to meet you in person sometime in the upcoming year.

John Andrews - You proved that you don’t have to be an educator to impact the classroom.  Even those with an “accent” can transform education.  I can’t wait to see iPAL.

Barry Bachenheimer @drbachenheimer   I think more schools will be following your lead with Virtual Days after the winter we have had.  More importantly, you reinforced the need for student choice.

Joli Barker @Joli_Barker Passion is inspiring and you are Fearless when it comes to your Classroom. Your global emphasis and game-based approach are creating our future transformers.

Luvelle Brown @luvelleb You have shown that the learning space is just as important as the pedagogical shift.  You need technology to build 21st Century learners.  I promise to say, “Hi” to @BeckyFisher73 next time I see her.

John Connolly @johneconnolly Wonderful ideas for establishing and supporting collaboration and communication in a ubiquitous environment!

Roger Cook You’ve proven that in an environment where students are empowered they always succeed, but… that environment also needs to be funded appropriately to work effectively. 

Rob Dickson @showmerob Rob please show us the way to a top notch digital district that floats in the cloud.  You have provided us with a rainbow of options to find that instructional pot of gold.

Timonious Downing @Techmonious You demonstrate that making learning a “game” is an effective instructional practice and builds those collaborative skills that so many employers want.  FYI, I have a 10 year old for your Minecraft club. 

Tracey Dunn @MrsTraceyDunn Your experiences with blended-learning dispel all of those stereotypes about what should be happening in the kindergarten classroom.  Your students are incredibly lucky to spend each day with you.

Laura Fleming @NMHS_lms I feel a “virtual” connection with your passion for Makey Makeys and creating an environment where students can make things happen. 

Brad Hagg You’re a fellow CETL (another group I am lucky to be a part of) that knows the value data have on teaching and learning when presented in a way that supports instruction.

Beth Hudson All learning and professional development should be built around authentic learning experiences.  Isn’t that what adult learning theory tells us?

Rich Kiker ‏@rkiker I want to be like you!  For now I will be satisfied with just being a Google Certified Teacher.  But you have given me and others a target to shoot for. 

Jennifer Maddux @jamaddux You reinforce my belief in the power of a school administrator to facilitate change in the learning environment.

Matt Meyers ‏@SlateAndTablets I can’t wait to learn more about your mobile app and I will be in touch as my district is exploring a coding class for middle school.  When I’m around you I feel like even “old” dogs can learn new tricks.   

Elaine Plybon @eplybon Empowering girls to get into and stay in the STEM fields starts early.  Elaine meet @ADrobnis, you share a kindred spirit.

Kecia Ray @keciaray Transforming the role of librarians into the instructional designers of our 21st Century Classroom.  I love the movement from curation to creation!

Brad Waid @Techbradwaid You take the term selfie to a new level, however it is your use of augmented reality that really caught my attention.

Bradley Wilson @mrwilson142 First and foremost your vision for flipped learning is a wonderful plan to create more student-centered instruction.  Secondly and almost as important… Go Steelers.

Thank you for allowing me to count myself as a member of this phenomenal community of learners. 

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